Granada is home to every kind of scene. So we wanted to share a handful of our favorite things to do in Granada. Explore this area guide to find the one that fits you best, or mix it up. While visiting us, Granada is your city.

Horse and Carriage Ride

A horse and carriage ride through Granada is a great way to get oriented with the city and see most of all the major sites. Sit back and enjoy as a passenger the clip-clopping of the horses down the cobblestone streets. As you pass the numerous historical churches and other landmarks, envision a Granada when the horse and carriage was the only means of transportation. It’s best to head out just before sunset, as to enjoy moderate temperatures and take in all the city scenes.

Volcan Mombacho

This volcano is a very easy and pleasant hike. A 4WD vehicle does all the hard work, taking you up the mountain, as you simply walk a relative mile or so and get to enjoy the views of Granada and of the Isletas beyond. Leisurely stroll through the naturally volcanically created tunnel which is carved right through the side of the volcano. Here you’ll get some views of what’s left of the crater.

Isletas of Granada

Head down to the docks and choose a tour to boat through the narrow waterways around the supposed 365 very small islands. It’s quite a relaxing ride, as these beautiful little islands appears along the waterway. The islands are said to have been formed when Volcan Mombacho exploded thousands of years ago. Lots to take in as you discover mansions belonging to Nicaragua’s ultra-wealthy and of course the boat captain will fill you in on all the intriguing details.

An Absolute Must Have

Los Colinas restaurant is off the beaten path but possibly your best meal in all of Nicaragua when it comes to the Guapote Fish aka The Ugly Fish. The floor of this open area restaurant is actually packed down ash/rock from Mombacho. But don’t let the breezy casual atmosphere fool you, because this place is serious about their fish. The Guapote is actually a type of seabass, known as Cocibolca Guapote, which is caught in Lake Nicaragua. Its deep fried whole and then smothered in a sauce full of onions and tomatoes. You can order this very meaty white fish in a few different sizes but the standard offers more than often expected. This is a great restaurant to try this truly Granada delight.

What + Where To Drink

You must have the Flor Cana rum, whether choosing the Extra Lite (white) or one of the award winning dark aged rums, such as the delicious Gran Reserva 7, this is the stuff to drink when in Nicaragua. Perhaps order a Nica Libre (coke, rum, lime), which in Nicaragua differs from a Cuba Libre, in that the Cuba Libre uses dark rum while a Nica Libre uses light rum. We recommend enjoying one at a patio table on Calle La Caldeza. Of the dozens places to choose from, we thought O’Shea’s has good happy hours in Granada, Nicaragua and it enjoys a great location right in the middle of the action.


Time travel to the past and head to this beautiful old church about three blocks west of the Parque Central. The church dates to 1539, but like much of Granda’s older structures it has been destroyed and rebuild a number of times. The highlight of the church is its bell tower.  Climb to the top and you will get a panoramic view of the city. From the Cathedral of Granada to the east to the Mombacho Volcano to the south and all the tiled rooftops in between, the view is stunning. Sunset is the best time to go, but don’t do too late. The bell tower closes at 5:30. There is no entrance fee to the church, but you must buy a $1 ticket to climb to the top of the bell tower. The spiral staircase is very steep, so wear comfortable shoes.

Granada's Rich Heritage

Granada offers many scenic streets with colorful painted houses. Especially around the Central Park there are beautiful colonial-era architecture that gives Granada a rich heritage atmosphere.

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